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The Big Bad Wolf!

big bad wolf


What is happening in Tiddlywink Land?

 It is very strange in Tiddlywink Land. No-one is coming to the wooden house. So, there is no fun in huffing and puffing because there is no-one there.  But I am thinking of you all and looking forward to when I can see you again. 


I have not seen the 3 little pigs recently! I think they might be back at home with Mum.  I wonder if they are helping her around the house, keeping their rooms tidy and helping to make dinner? Are you?

Keeping Busy

There are lots of things to do at home as well as helping around the house. I wonder if you can write me a story and send it to the Facebook page? We could then put it into the Tiddlywinks Times.

Here is something to colour if you would like to. (You can print this off, just use the link above to the PDF file)




Everyone from the Tiddlywinks Team hopes you have a wonderful week.  I am looking forward to hearing what you are up to and reading your stories.

 The Big Bad Wolf footprints