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The Tiddlywinks Times

 issue 3

 News from your favourite reporter.


The Big Bad Wolf!

What is happening in Tiddlywink Land?

All of our Tiddlywink helpers have been very busy this week. They are part of helping to call all of the people who we know are part of our Church family.  Reverend Mark made a video service this week and it has singing in it and his family. You can watch it below


Using Apps

There have been lots of people, and little piggies, calling me and having meetings on the different apps which are used all the time. Have you spoken to your family on them?  I have to take some time off from apps and sit and read a book or play board games with Jayne. Do you do that? What games to you play?

Singing a Song

There hasn’t been a request for a song for this week. I wonder if you saw the video last week, what did you think of the puppets? Perhaps you might want one for next week, let me know.

Keeping Busy

I have been busy this week getting ready for Easter. I have written some prayers and hidden some Easter Eggs around the house so that Jayne can go hunting for them. What will you be doing on Easter Day? If you want to tell me just send an email to:

 Have a Wonderful Week


The Tiddlywinks Team hope you have a wonderful week.  In the next issue we will see what happens with Jesus after Easter. 


The Big Bad Wolf.  footprints 


For activities and stories, carry on down!

 The Easter Story

Easter is the time when we celebrate Jesus rises from the tomb.  In my story book Bible, it tells us that 2 women called Mary, waited at the tomb where Jesus was buried. They watched the soldiers who were guarding it . 2 days later the Marys saw that the soldiers had gone and that the tomb was empty. They met an angel who told them do not be afraid, Jesus is alive.  They met Jesus when they were going to tell their friends, the disciples, and Jesus told them that he would meet them at Galilee. Next week I will let you know what happens when Jesus meets up with his friends.


Can you colour this stained-glass window (Please print a copy using the PDF document above)

I wonder what the word Alleluia means?

Will you bring some colourings to our next Tiddlywinks meeting to show us, we hope that you will!