Prayer Box at Church

 prayer box

We have installed a prayer box at the church gate inviting people to write prayer requests and pop them in the box for Rev Mark or Rev Al to include in their daily prayers.  Please feel free to drop a prayer in yourselves and invite others to do the same.  There is a notice that reads as follows: - 

We are unable to enter the church to pray or sit and reflect at the moment because of the coronavirus pandemic.  We would, however, like to give you the opportunity to have prayers said for you or your loved ones.  If you would like us to say a prayer on your behalf, please write the details on a slip of paper and pop it in this box. 

Bless you and stay safe!

Rev Mark Thomson 

 If you prefer you could also email your prayer requests

or use our  Prayer Requests page

and Rev Mark or Rev Al will pray for you, your loved one or an issue that is causing you concern.  You may also have prayers of thanks.  Please send those to us as well.