Worship at Home

We are holding virtual Zoom morning prayer at 9am every day during the week.
If you would like to join, please feel free to contact us. 


For the Sunday service please find below the links and the service sheets below if you would like to follow the services for yourself


There are also prayers and services below, which you may like to use for yourself 


Every Blessing


Mark, Al and Heather




25th October

Autumn 2020 Service Sheet

Please remember to take the service sheet home with you and bring it next time you come to church.  

 click here for a link to watch the service on YouTube


General aids to Worship at Home (PDF documents)


Guidance on Spiritual Communion


prayers with children

outbreak prayers 

personal prayers

Reflections for those who cannot attend a funeral

prayer hands

For information concerned with support and advice, please click 

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