Celtic cross

 Church St Botolph

Our public worship services are now taking place in church on

Sundays at 11am

There is no need to book unless you specifically require a socially distanced place

The following rules will apply to our worship in Church: -

Transmission reduction

Everyone is invited to wear masks if possible
All to use sanitising gel on entry
Doors to be left open for ventilations for as long as is practicable
Enter through the North door and exit via the South door
Retain the one way system to receive communion

You will no longer need to book a place at church on Sundays
All South and Centre pews to be used
People to sit wherever and share pews with others as they see fit.
Those who wish to sit with safer distancing will use the North side pews which will retain the safe distancing arrangements. Use of the North side pews need to be booked with Maria
Front pews in the centre and south side to be offered to those with reduced mobility

Singing will be allowed but with masks on if at all possible
Hymns will be limited to three verses

Communion will be given in one kind only (wafer only, no wine)
Communion will be given at the crossing as at present
Stewards will direct people to communion as at present
People will circulate up to communion and back as at present
Sanitiser will be offered after receiving communion as at present
At the peace we will wave as at present

Refreshments will be served in the pews to allow those who wish to leave to exit the church.
People can then circulate to chat as they wish

Daily Church Opening
The church will be opened from 10am to 4pm daily