To Know God and to Make God Known

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Prayer Transforms Lives

Did you know, younger adults are more likely to pray than older generations, according to a survey for the Church of England showing that nearly half of UK adults report having ever offered up some form of prayer. A majority of 18 to 34 year olds - 56% - say they have prayed, with a third (32%) reporting that they have prayed in the last month. By contrast, in the 55+ age group 41% said they had ever prayed - with 25% saying they had prayed in the last month.

Among those who had ever prayed, the most common topics prayed about were for friends and family (69%), people they know who are sick (54%) and to give thanks (51%). The Revd Dr Stephen Hance, National Lead for Evangelism and Witness for the Church of England, said: ‘These findings really challenge the all-too-common assumption that young people are not interested in faith or spiritual things.’
So next time you talk to a young person, why not bring up the topic of prayer – you might be surprised and you may be able to give them some ideas.