To Know God and to Make God Known

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Church by Nature

Every Second Sunday at 2 p.m. for 2 hours
Eastgate Green in front of the Hub
Eastgate Green in front of the Hub, Hub Navigation Wharf, Carre Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7TW (Use NG34 7DW for Sat Navs), NG34 7DW, United Kingdom

A little more about Church by Nature
Please be aware ...
+ Church by Nature (or any form of forest church) is not ‘normal church' held outside. Rather it is a way of encountering God, the Divine Creator, through Creation.
+ It is nature who is the teacher. We need to keep all our senses open to what is being taught. Please remember to take time to ‘be' in nature, see, hear, smell, touch and (carefully) taste.
+ We also encounter God in our relationships with each other (after all, we are all part of God's handiwork) so remember to be aware of ‘God between us'.
+ Be aware that weather is part of nature and part of the way we experience nature. We will go ahead whatever the weather unless it is so bad as to be unsafe e.g. very heavy rain, high wind, very icy.
+ The group is inclusive and open to all. Although the primary approach is from a Christian viewpoint we are open to people of other faiths seeking to encounter the divine through the experience of nature.
+ The time in the cafe after the walk is an important part of the gathering. Please don't leave beforehand unless you really have to.
+ It's called ‘Church by Nature' because, whenever a group of Christians meet together the gathering is Church by its very nature, but even more so when it takes place in nature.

Safety and Safeguarding
We need to make it clear that Church by Nature is a gathering not an organisation. Those who attend must be responsible for their own safety and safeguarding and also for those under their care. We will only gather in spaces which are open to the general public and any activities in which we participate are voluntary and at your own discretion. Be aware that we generally walk along a path at the side of a river and that there will be hazards such as nettles, thorns, waterfowl (mostly ducks and moorhens) and wild plants.
Responsibility for the safety of the children will always remain with the parents/guardians who bring them and we will not undertake any activities where the children are involved away from them.
Should you have any concerns either during our gathering or at other times please speak to Les or Christine Parker.