To Know God and to Make God Known

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Due to the recent weather, we are finding a lot of twigs and small branches breaking off the trees in the churchyard. If you are visiting maybe you could help us by picking some up and putting them in the bags by the lytchgate. This will make the gardener's job a lot easier.

You will also notice that the gravestones which were unstable have now been repaired. Any donations, towards the repairs, from families affected would be welcome.

As you will be aware we have 8 war graves in the churchyard. These are looked after by volunteers. This entails checking the gravestone to see if maintenance is required, keeping the space tidy and cleaning the stone with a brush and water when necessary. We have recently lost some of our volunteers and are looking for new ones. Please talk to Jaki Lowder or contact Maria if you are interested.

We have a lot of leaf mould which has been bagged up. Please help yourself to bags next to the lytchgate.


If you have any enquiries, please contact the Parish Administrator at